Current Officers:

Name Position Contact
Pam Fahy President (315) 865-4247
Linda Buck Vice President (315) 853-3430
Pam Fahy
Secretary (315) 865-4247
Pam Fahy
Acting Treasurer (315) 865-4247
Gerald Wilklow
Asst. Treasurer (315) 339-0696
Linda LaMonica  (’11)
  (315) 337-3870
Eileen Kinsella  (’07)
  (315) 363-4632
Arnoldine Bartoszek  (’09)
  (315) 768-8290
Norman R. Neslin, MD
Digestive Disease Medicine of Central New York (315) 624-7000
Margaret Curtacci, RD

Curtacci Nutrition Care (315) 865-7498
Kristin Douglas, RD
Faxton-St. Luke’s HealthCare  
Manoochehr (Manny) Karjoo, MD
Pediatric Gastroenterology & Nutrition
SUNY Health Science Center (877) 464-5540
Sarah Kimpton, MA, RD
Consultant Dietitian
  (315) 280-4439




  1. Officers will be nominated at the October meeting. Terms of office will take effect January 1st.
  2. A majority of those present is required for election to office.
  3. The terms of office for President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer will each be for 2 years.
  4. If an elected officer, not present, later declines the office, an election to that office will occur at the next general meeting.
  5. If a vacancy occurs in an office, the President (or in her/his absence the Vice-president) may make a temporary appointment with the membership approval
    have the membership nominate and elect a replacement at the next meeting for the remainder of office.
  6. The Directors will serve for 3-year terms, which will be staggered, with one Director being elected each year.


  1. Offices to be filled are: President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. President: (a) Preside at all meetings; (b) Appoint all committees with membership approval; (c) Serve as ex-officio member of every committee.
  3. Vice-president: Assume duties of the President in her/his absence.
  4. Secretary: (a) Record the minutes of each meeting and present those minutes to each member present at the next meeting. The minutes of each meeting will be mailed out with the bi-monthly Newsletter to those members not present. (b) Responsible for assigned correspondence.
  5. Treasurer: (a) Accept all organization funds and maintain in a manner approved by the organization;(b) Record all deposits and disbursements of all organization funds and provide a Financial Report at each meeting; (c) Collect the annual dues in January.


  1. The Board will be composed of three members.
  2. Each member will serve for three years but elections will be staggered so that one member will be elected annually in the same manner as for the Officers.
  3. Duties: To serve as a deliberate body for any task referred to it by the President or the membership at its meeting.


  1. Shall consist of the (4) elected officers and the Board of Directors.
  2. Duties: (a) Serve as Policy Making Committee; (b) Prepare and submit a Financial Audit annually - results of audit to be presented to the entire attending body at the January meeting. (c) Authorize any expenditures over $50 from the Treasury - Excluding purchase of necessary supplies (paper, envelopes, stamps, etc.).


  1. Will be scheduled for the third Saturday of each month. The time and place will try to be consistent. Changes will be made known to the members.
  2. Quorum will be a majority of the members present at each meeting.


  1. Proposals will be presented at any regular meeting.
  2. The final proposal can be adopted at that regular meeting by a unanimous vote. If unanimity is not achieved, it must be presented at the next regular meeting for adoption with a majority vote.


  1. Annual dues of Twelve dollars ($12.00) is due by January 15.
  2. New members will receive an "Introductory Packet" for which Three dollars ($3.00) will be requested to defray the cost of its production.
  3. Members, who may be unable to financially support the organization, will not be denied membership. Their membership and personal health is of primary importance.

The purpose of the Audit is to certify that monies collected and paid out are recorded accurately, payments are made as a result of actual bills received or supported by the action of the general membership body as described in monthly meeting minutes, and that monthly bank statements are consistent with any ledger books/records kept by the Treasurer.

  1. The Executive Board will serve as the Audit Committee. The Treasurer will be invited.
  2. An Annual Audit will be completed in January - and presented to the general body at the next scheduled monthly meeting.
  3. The Audit will consist of:
    (a) The checks written will be reconciled against bills paid or as authorized in the general meeting minutes.
    (b) Reported income from all sources will be reconciled with deposits as shown in the bank statements.
    (c) Records of special events will be reviewed to see that disbursements were correct and appropriate and that a clear record exists that shows how the Net Income
    was derived from the Gross receipts.
    (d) The committee's report to the general body should consist of a general
    statement of its findings, an explanation of any discrepancies, and any recommendations to improve/change financial record keeping.

New: 1/2000
Revised: 11/2000
Revised: 3/2002
Revised : 5/2002